We Build Mobile and
Desktop Web Applications

Think of us as the handshake
between beautiful design
and code. Scroll down to learn why.

Take Your Business Website Mobile

Going mobile? Need to make your site responsive? We can help your team migrate an existing website to mobile.

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Our Goal: build intuitive well-designed websites that provide your customers with immediate value the moment they visit–and from any device or browser used.

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How we work.

Our style of web dev is kind of like dancing. It's collaborative. Sometimes you lead, sometimes you follow–without stepping on your partners toes! We are nimble and quickly and gracefully adjust to changing end-user and business needs. We have fun.

  • We start with a mobile first approach to ensure that what your users see on the smallest of devices looks like it was designed for that device, not as an afterthought.
  • We use Ruby on Rails combined with a boatload of experience on best practices for cross device and cross browser development.
  • We build for speed by optimizing absolutely everything – from images to JavaScript files, and we harness the power of well thought out caching strategies and Content Delivery Networks.
  • Pulling all of this together is our agile development process that exemplifies the old adage; "measure twicecut once."
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Our Process

  • 1. Discovery

    Through discovery we get to know you, your company, project, market, target audience, goals, key business requirements. We come to an understanding, a plan, and an agreement. From discovery we get to work!

  • 2. Development

    We follow in an iterative approach to development. We like to deploy often and frequently, and test test test.

  • 3. Repeat

    The discovery process is ongoing and feeds into development. We value feedback: from you, your team, and most importantly your customers.

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Something important about us; we are super user-centric. Your customers expect an intuitive user experience, speed, and device responsiveness. We do this exceptionally well.

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ViewThought.com is a great example of responsive web design...

Resize your browser and watch how it responds to display size changes. Try it on a tablet or smart phone. We can do this for your website. It's part of our mission!

Open this website on a desktop computer and watch how it changes. Try it on a smart phone. We can do this for your website. It's part of our mission!

Try it on a different device!

Our Mission

  1. Build solutions that enhance the value proposition of our customers – add value to their business.
  2. Integrate beauty, design and optimal user experience in application development.
  3. Address device constraints and opportunities while delivering consistent visual design.
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Think of us as the handshake between beautiful design and code. Our process starts with design and we don't stop perfecting your site design until you're completely satisfied. Then we code."
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Technologies we use:

Ruby jQuery Git Backbone.js
HTML CSS Haml Sass

Ruby on Rails is the core of all of our projects, from one-page marketing sites like this one to Ember applications consuming Rail's API's.

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To really understand how passionate we are about technology and what we can do for you, take a look at our e-books below.

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Coding Design

An in-depth look at information architecting, website design, and the coding of design from the front-end developer's perspective and toolset: CSS3, HTML5, and the browser.

The Front End Manifesto

A comprehensive research-based HOW TO on best practices for writing well-organized, efficient, mobile to desktop, Front End Code: From a Ruby on Rails perspective.

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Let's talk about your project! Feel free to call, email, or complete the inquiry form and hit send.

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